Star Trip Jet Casino Tournament

Posted: February 06, 2023 Updated: February 15, 2023
Online Tournament "StarTrip" At Jet Casino Australia

At Jet Casino Australia, you may choose from one of the hundreds of high-quality slot games offered. This is because this particular kind of casino game is really well-liked among Aussies. Despite this, playing slots online has always been a solitary activity, with a player sitting at home in front of their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

That was the case before the advent of online tournaments. Players get the opportunity to play major titles during these events, including “Star Trip,” all while connecting with one another and competing against one another in a setting that is both safe and fun.

By the way, “Star Trip” grants rewards to the players who place in the best positions, and there is also the added excitement of having a limited amount of time to play.

Star Trip: Massive Rewards Revealed!

As a Jet Casino player, are you prepared to participate in an exciting weekly Star Trip tournament? In that case, if you want a shot at making it into the top 70, you need to make it a point to participate in the weekly competition that runs from Tuesday to Tuesday and collect points for the odds of every successful bet.

Those who succeed in climbing to the very top of the scoreboard will be eligible to win a portion of the reward pool, totaling $10,500.

“Are You Ready to Pull Off a Win?”

The following are the incentives that will be given to the top 10 performers:

  • The winner of first place will get $2,250.
  • The runner-up will get $1,500 for their efforts.
  • The reward for coming in third place is $750.
  • The winner of fourth place receives $450.
  • The reward for coming in fifth place is $300.
  • The winner of sixth place will receive $225.
  • The reward for coming in seventh is $143.
  • The reward for coming in eighth place is $135.
  • The reward for coming in ninth is $128.
  • The winner of tenth place will receive $120.
Games That Available At StarTrip Tournament

Let’s Consider Some Crucial T&Cs

  • Strategy: Acquire points, then turn those points into actual cash.
  • Play tournament slots using real money with a minimum stake of $0.75 every Tuesday (6:00 p.m. UTC) to Tuesday (6:00 p.m. UTC).

Try to earn and earn tournament points for every winning wager based on the chances of that bet:

  • 40 points are awarded for odds of 2 or greater.
  • Odds of five or more get one hundred points.
  • Odds of 10 or above are worth two hundred points.
  • Odds of 25 or above are worth five hundred points.
  • Odds of 50 or higher result in a score of one thousand points.
  • Odds of 100 or higher outcome in a score of 2000.

Remember about a vital requirement! A qualification bet should equal three times the amount of wins.

The good news is that winners will get their rewards in the currency of their choice, even if all awards are displayed in Euros. All conversions are based on the current currency rate available at JET Casino.

The casino also mentioned that all terms and conditions of the competition are subject to change at any moment and without prior notice at the sole discretion of Jet Casino. Plus, participants are solely responsible for ensuring they are conversant with all the most recent rule modifications, each detailed on the JET Casino website.

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