Best Deposit Bonus Casinos

Posted: January 17, 2022 Updated: February 27, 2023
Deposit bonus in Australian casinos

Deposit bonus in an online casino is probably one of the best things that a puntor can find in the gambling industry. Whenever players go to physical casinos, there are no such perks for just exchanging money for chips. And this is where online gambling rules the world. Welcome, first deposit, VIP membership, matching, and many other types of bonuses are based on the sole rule – a player needs to deposit some money. Once this requirement is met, gamblers get extra money, bets, spins, and anything else available for free.

Below we will talk about deposit bonuses: what they are, how they are calculated, and how to claim one for your gambling experience. Read on to learn the basics of a deposit bonus in real online casinos and claim your first advantage!

Best Deposit Bonus Casinos

King Billy Online Casino Aus
King Billy
💵 2nd Deposit - 50% up to $500 + 50 FS "WELCOME 2"
3rd Deposit - 25% up to $1000 "WELCOME 3"
4th Deposit - 75% up to $500 + 100 FS "WELCOME 4"
SpinSamurai Casino Online
Spin Samurai
💵 125% Up to AU$150
Nomini Online Casino
🥳Signup Bonus Up to AU$5,000
50 Free Spins
N1 Bet Online Casino
N1 Bet
💵 FDB 100% Up to 450 AUD + 150 FS
Bonus Code: LETSGO
LevelUp Online Casino Australia
🤩 1st A$400 + 100 FS Promo Code "LVL1"
2nd 50% up to AU$600 + 50 FS Promo Code "LVL2"
3rd 50% up to AU$600 Promo Code "LVL3"
4th 100% up to AU$400 + 50 FS Promo Code "LVL4"
Snatch Casino in Australia
⚡ 1st Deposit 200% Up to AU$1600 + 100 FS 2nd Deposit 100% Up to AU$1600 + 75 FS 3re Deposit 50% Up to AU$1600 + 50 FS 4th Deposit 100% Up to AU$1600 + 100 FS
JackpotCity Casino Online
🎁Welcome Bonus Up To €1600
Stay Casino Online Australia
Stay Casino
💵100% Up to $150
🎁 25*4 Days Free Spins
Play Croco Casino
⭐ $1000 Free Bonus Every Month With Promo Code "GOLDENTICKET"

What you need to know about deposit bonus

What is a deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus in an online casino is the type of bonus that the gambler receives after making a deposit at a particular venue. This is the most common type of bonuses for new online casinos, so you are likely to have received one. As a rule, the deposit bonus is added to the player’s casino account right after the deposit is transferred and processed.

Deposit bonuses can come in a wide range of options, such as:

The important thing one needs to remember about money deposit bonuses is that the received sum cannot be withdrawn right away. Free deposit money can be used to gamble more in a casino, yet, they are never ‘free’ to get paid out.

Types of deposit bonuses

Type of online bonuses

‘Deposit bonus’ is an umbrella term for a wide range of more specific kinds of bonuses in online venues. Here is a list of the most common types with some generalized explanation on each.

  • Welcome bonus. This bonus is issued upon registration in a casino. It may contain free money, spins, and bets. It may be a no-deposit bonus (and in most cases it does not require any investment from the player’s side), however, some casinos would require a minimum deposit to be made in order to give out the bonus (about $5-$10).
  • Reward multiplier. This one is not that common, yet some casinos would offer to multiply a player’s reward. This means that if a gamer won some free bets, they could get doubled or tripled after a deposit.
  • Matching bonus. Matching bonus is issued only after a deposit is made. Once a gamer deposits a particular sum of money to their account, the casino multiplies the deposited money. Matching and reward multiplier bonuses are frequently subject to strict wagering requirements. Read more about them below.
  • Cashback bonus. This kind of bonus is also not common, yet very beneficial. Basically, whenever a punter makes a deposit, a casino guarantees to make a cashback of X% on all of their losses. Most often, a cashback bonus will have a limited period of availability, so ensure that you make the most of such a time slot.
  • Reload bonus. Reloads are similar to the welcome deposit bonuses that are issued just for the sign up to a casino. A reload deposit bonus in an online casino is offered to players who deposited money within a set timeframe, for example. Contrary to the sign up/welcome bonus, a reload bonus is available to every player making a deposit, not just a new sign-up.
  • Free spins/bets. After a gambler makes a deposit, they get free spins for a limited list of pokies or bets for a selection of online games in a casino. This kind of bonus is often coupled with any of the above-mentioned to make a more lucrative and attractive offer to the online players.

Understanding wagering requirements

Except for the no-wager bonuses, all would have wagering requirements in place. And we strongly recommend that you learn about the wagering regulation for a selected deposit bonus in an online casino before signing up for one.

Now that you understand the importance of wagers, let’s review what they are and how to read them.

Wagering requirements are specific rules a casino applies to its bonuses; in order to withdraw any winnings made with the bonus, a gambler has to complete those requirements. Such wagering requirements come in different scopes and shapes, and their final ruling heavily depends on the casino’s overall Terms & Conditions as well as specifics of the selected bonus. To give you an example, let’s see the data below:

  • Deposit bonus wagering requirements: for a deposit of $20 a player gets a 100% matching bonus with the 50x wager.
  • Calculation: You deposit $20 into a casino and receive $20 as a matching bonus to your account. This means that you get $40 for betting in total. Regardless of the winnings or losses, in order to withdraw such funds, you will need to make bets for 50*deposited sum ($20), so a total of $1,000.

Besides this standardized requirement, a punter might also see time limits as a part of a wager (‘you need to make 40x bets in the first 48 hours after the deposit’). Sometimes, casinos might get creative by imposing any other limits (like ‘withdrawals can be made on Mondays and Thursdays only’).

How are casino deposit bonuses calculated?

The calculation of a deposit bonus in an online casino heavily relies on the wagering requirements a casino has set for its customers. Most often, you can easily use the basic arithmetics described above to calculate whether the bonus offering is worth your time, and whether it is beneficial at all for your gambling style. An alternative option is to find an online calculator for a deposit bonus in an online casino and then let the automatic algorithm do all the heavy-lifting.

Regardless of how exactly you decided to learn about the true perks of a bonus, we advise ensuring that you have learnt everything available on the casino’s website about fast withdrawals, bonuses in general, and the selected bonus. As a rule, all this information would be available on the Terms & Conditions page of a casino; however, if it is not, a punter can always contact the casino’s support to learn all of the specifics.

Best Deposit Bonus Casinos

How to claim a deposit bonus in an online casino

To claim a bonus, you need to know what a gambler needs to do before that. For instance, if your deposit bonus is available only for loyal players with 1+ year of gambling experience in the selected venue, then you have to ensure that you meet this requirement. Besides that, deposit bonuses might be limited to some geographies (available in Australia but limited for New Zealand). The most common prerequisite for a deposit bonus is the amount one needs to invest in order to begin gambling.

Regular casinos might require quite large sums of the users’ deposits to gain access to the bonus funds. However, most would go for the minimum deposit requirements in order to attract a greater audience. In this case, in order to claim a bonus, one would have to make a small casino deposit (as a rule, the must-deposit amount does not exceed $10).

Once these pre-requirements are met on the gambler’s side, the casino automatically adds the promised funds or perk’s to the user’s account.

So here is a quick step-by-step guide to claim your deposit bonus:

  1. Go to a casino’s website and read its Terms & Conditions section to learn about wagering and overall withdrawal policies (if a separate Bonuses section/page is available, ensure to browse through it as well).
  2. If all is acceptable in point #1, register in a casino. Make sure that you are using your legal personal information; otherwise, you might have troubles with payouts.
  3. Select your preferred payment method during registration or in the banking/finance/withdrawal section.
  4. Find the deposit bonus that interests you most and read all its conditions and wagering requirements carefully.
  5. Calculate the pros and cons of claiming such a deposit bonus in an online casino.
  6. If all satisfies your requirements and expectations, go back to the payment section and make your deposit.

Note: If you are an existing player in a casino, you will skip steps 2 and 3, yet we still strongly recommend revisiting the Terms & Conditions section each time before signing up for a bonus. Online casinos tend to change their regulations unanounced.


Deposit bonus in an online casino is one of the greatest perks any gambler can enjoy. It offers free money, spins, or bets, depending on the selected venue, to guarantee a pleasant starting point for every gambler in almost every online casino. Remember that all deposit bonuses come with a set of requirements one needs to meet in order to withdraw the winnings later on, so ensure to carefully read through the wagering requirements applied to the selected bonus. And remember, while “free” is generally a good thing, wagers might overrun the benefits of the deposit bonus. We advise calculating the pros against the cons every time you consider claiming a deposit bonus in an online casino.


1️⃣ Is it safe to take on a casino deposit bonus?

Yes, it is. But we’d like to clarify that there is a condition - a trustworthy and reliable online casino. Whenever you have chosen a casino with a negative reputation, one can never say whether playing there or depositing is safe; such venues rarely hold responsibility for their gamblers personal data, including financial details. However, if you have properly vetted the selected online casino or you simply chose one of those from our website, you can be sure that depositing your money to such a venue is safe.

2️⃣ Are casino deposit bonuses worth it?

It depends on the casino and selected bonus. Whenever you consider taking a bonus, ensure that you carefully weigh in all its perks as well as stated wagering requirements. Sometimes, the 40x wager for a deposit of $10 might not be worth it since you will get, let’s say, another $10 (so in total there would be $20 for betting), while to withdraw the winnings, you need to bet $400. Our recommendation is to read the fine print of each bonus and calculate the advantages before getting the bonus money.

3️⃣ What are deposit bonus wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements may come in different formats; most often this is the money a gambler needs to bet in order to withdraw their winnings. For instance, a 40x wager for a minimum deposit of $5 means that to withdraw the funds won with this deposit, a player needs to bet $5*40=$200 in an online casino. Besides that, wagering requirements might also impose time limits (‘a gambler needs to bet 40 times the deposit within the 48 hour window, otherwise, the money won won’t be available’). Wagering requirements are present in almost every deposit bonus in an online casino, so remember to carefully examine them before agreeing to any bonus on offer.

4️⃣ Why do casinos give deposit bonuses?

Every deposit bonus in an online casino is an element of the venue’s marketing campaign. Welcome bonuses attract new gamblers as a casino wins over new subscribers and players while virtually losing no money. The rest of the deposit bonuses (matching, reload, cashback, etc.) are offered to the existing customers to keep them loyal and interested in a venue.

5️⃣ Can I win money using a casino deposit bonus?

Yes, you can. And here it does not matter whether your deposit bonus in an online casino comes in the shape of money or free spins/bets. The bonus deal can be used to bet and play the games listed in the bonus description (if no list is available, then you can use it in every casino game). Whenever a gambler stays within the games limit and follows the bonus’ wagering requirements, they can play to win and then withdraw the money without any complications. Remember, however, that in case you breach any of the bonus rules, most casinos have the right to take away all of your winnings and cancel the bonus all together without a warning.

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